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Covid Shipping Time

Covid has caused a seed rush across the country.  People want to make sure they are self-sufficient and can grow their own gardens.  We are doing our best to get your seeds to you quick, this is not the year to delay your order, if you see something you want, get it now while we have it.  We are now experiencing a higher volume of orders but took the preparation to stream line our shipping process, we are still shipping out within 24 hours but please remember this could change, update: we are almost out of Cherokee Purples.

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on Orders $30 or More.

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We are all about ethical pricing.

As a farmer, I understand you want a big yield. So, a seed pack containing less than 10 seeds, for $5, isn't going to fly with us or with you.  View our collection by clicking below, and see what makes us different.

We Are

Heirloom Mountain Seedswoman

...and we know a thing or two about gardening in the harsh desert climate.  If you are local to Colorado, you are in luck.  We specialize in growing and providing Coloradans with unique heirloom tomato seeds, that are tasty, beautiful, and productive.  We also offer a generous selection of rare melon, watermelon, squash and pumpkin seeds, that will give you a garden worthy of a prize.

Follow us on Instagram for updates, and don't forget to grab your free catalog, before we run out here.  And thank you for choosing your local farmer.

Unfortunately, we had to not do a farm stand this year, and will update you on future products soon.

Ask Your Friends about us.

People are talking about us on social media, join in the conversation.  Sharing your experiences with your friends helps local agriculture grow.  We appreciate all the love and support we've gotten from our customers.

If you have a neighbor that would like our catalog, hand them yours and we'll send you a new one, just send us a message.


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