1. Send Your Code to Other Colorado Gardeners.


2.They Use It.


3.They save $5 and You Earn $5 off your next purchase.




Orders must be at least $25 to use either code.


Someone outside your household uses the code by New Years Eve 2020


You will be sent a coupon for yourself.  You can rack up as many coupons as you like with referrals, but can only be redeemed one per order, until Jan 1, 2021.


If the referral code is used within the house, they automatically get deactivated.  So, send it to your friends.


Coupons cannot be applied to sale items.


Coupons and codes can't be applied to previous orders, or orders that are submitted without the code.

Why Colorado Only?

As you know we are a smaller seed co; What you may not know is that the seed industry is heavily regulated.  This means high fees to ship around the country.  Staying in-state for several years gives us the opportunity to grow a sustainable business.  The fees are prohibitive to small farms, like us.  So, your referrals go a long way in helping local agriculture.  So, the referrals have to go to other Colorado gardeners for now.

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