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How to Get More Tomatoes with 1 Simple Trick

Ever notice those little hairs growing all along your tomato plants? Those are immature roots waiting for a signal to say "grow." Tomatoes grow like vines in some regions, and only die back because of frost: They can grow up trees and re-root themselves when they fall down. Although most of us will never see that. Now that you know how much tomatoes like to grow, you can use this transplanting trick to get a better harvest.

1. Dig a long divot

2. Place your plants horizontally covering all of the stem, leaving just the top 3-5 leaves under the growing tip (take off the lower leaves to avoid disease)

3. Turn the tip up so you don't bury it.

Most of the water will remain in the top 3 inches of your soil. Your plants can grow 20% better using this method, compared to transplanting it normally.

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