Red Creole Scallion/Onion

Red Creole Scallion/Onion


These onions are best used as delicious spring onions as they are a short day type. Transplant when soil temps reach 50 degrees.  Although this types bulbs up in the south, in Colorado these are used as beautiful red scallions; Wonderful for savory dishes.  The flavor is spicy, and less sweet than typical red onions. 

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    Grow(Brassica oleracea var. viridis)If possible keep soil temperature over 75°F until germination, reducing air temperature to 60 °F. Prefers outdoor temps 60 °F- 70 °F.

    Kale can be grown in mild winters above 32°F where hardened-off seedlings can be set out from September to February. If starting indoors, brassicas need to be transplanted before their fifth true leaf, so not to become rootbound.

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