Marglobe Tomato

Marglobe Tomato

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(75 Days) Determinate.  This is the grandma of so many tomatoes, you need to collect it in your garden. This deep red variety was released by USDA in 1925; It has high production of large, juicy globe-shaped fruit 6-10 ounces.  One of the first disease-resistant varieties (from Verticillium and Fusarium wilts). And was used in the breeding of the Rutgers tomato.   In fact, if you enjoy hybrids, you should try this one, as it is often a parent of hybrid tomatoes.  Great choice of many, to can. These globe tomatoes have a wonderful shape that often seems flawless. Perfect for a market garden.

Size: 25 seeds
  • Grow

    (Lycopersicon lycopersicum) 

    Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost in spring in seed starting mix.

    Keep soil moist, not soggy, at 75 degrees F.  seedlings tend to emerge 7-14 days.

    Seedlings need light from a window sill or proper grow lights for 16 hours a day

    Transplant after danger of frost pasts, check the date of your area.