Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Purple Top White Globe Turnip

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Turnips are great root vegetables for winter. This variety is pre 1880 and will not disappoint, it’s spicy and can be harvested for its delicious green tops. The greens can be easily used in a salad. Cut into bite size pieces, sprinkle with avocado oil and salt, or make flavorful "mashed potatoes." Since the entire plant is edible, it earns it's place in every homesteader's kitchen garden.


1881 seed catalog description by D.M. Ferry "A variety of the purple top flat turnip, from which it originated. We are inclined to think that this new variety will in time be as largely used as the purple top flat turnip is now. It is globular in form, and quite as large as the Pomeranean White Globe, of beautiful appearance, of most excellent quality, and equally desirable for table or stock. It is undoubtedly a fine market sort, and keeps well." 


1927 by Burrell "This excellent table variety is globular in shape, of good size and very attractive appearance. The roots are large, purple or dark red above the ground, white below. The flesh is white, fine grained and tender. The roots, when in best condition for the table, are about 3 inches in diameter, but can be grown much larger for stock feeding. This sort keeps well for so early a variety and is one of the best for market use. Sometimes known as Red Top White Globe."  

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