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Growing Tomato Plants

Watering Tomatoes Properly 

Seedlings can be especially tender, but here in the mile high city, we have to be especially careful to water our tomatoes well.  Not just because of preserving water but because of the change of sunburning your plants or sunscald, as it is commonly known, on your tomatoes.


How can watering increase sunscald?

If you overhead water your tender seedlings those little specks of water become 

little lenses that increase the sun's ability to burn "holes" in the plants.

Different Forms of Watering

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Olla

  • Drip Olla

Drip Irrigation

Using a food safe hose, there are many options available, look for a no-clog option

Olla and Drip Olla

Ollas are clay pots that are buried partly underground.  The plants within 2 feet 

benefit from slow release and also pull water through the pot.  Although it can be accomplished

with plastic bottles with pinholes, it usually doesn't work as well in typical rich soil.  Drip ollas

are easier to fill up combining the other methods.

Enjoy your garden!

New Growth
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