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Our catalog is coming out daily so you can get the varieties you want before they sell out.

As we get ready for a seed rush. We are releasing our catalog early online. This gives you the chance to view and secure your favorite varieties before others.

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...and we know a thing or two about gardening in the harsh desert climate.  If you are local to Colorado, you are in luck.  We specialize in growing and providing Coloradans with unique heirloom tomato seeds, that are tasty, beautiful, and productive.  We also offer a generous selection of rare melon, watermelon, squash and pumpkin seeds, that will give you a garden worthy of a prize.

Follow us on Instagram for updates, and don't forget to grab your free catalog, before we run out here.  And thank you for choosing your local farmer.

We have decided to do our part in this Covid crisis and grow fresh produce for our neighbors, as well as seeds for your gardens, both near and far; If you are near Denver, please sign up here for notifications on getting fresh melons and pumpkins at the end of this summer. 


We are all about ethical pricing.

As a farmer, I understand you want a big yield. So, a seed pack containing less than 10 seeds, for $5, isn't going to fly with us or with you.  View our collection by clicking below, and see what makes us different.

There is something else that also needs addressed, as the Black Americans and Women in our nation, are finally getting our stories told, thanks to citizens capturing this abuse.  Being afraid of being pulled over by a cop is a very real fear, as rape and murder are problems that have long been silenced.  These are the most horrible crimes. And everyone needs to stand against these atrocities. 


 I wish I could say that this industry is free of discrimination, but Women, Black Americans, and People of First Nations have been discriminated against, by other seed companies and agriculture funding.  I find this disgusting, and thoroughly believe the best way to fight injustice is to expose it and talk together.  Thank you to the heroes who expose prejudice.


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