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Freshly Picked Vegetable

How  To Start Seeds

Seeds need basic things to germinate: a container of some kind, water, temperature, and light.  However, there are seeds who are more particular about their situation.  For now we will start with the basics of everyone's favorite savory garden fruit, the Heirloom Tomato.


Why start with seeds?

You have a lot of options if you start with seed.  Box stores usually carry varieties

of tomatoes and peppers that are hybrids, you can't save the seeds and you 

can only choose from a few basic, non-historical varieties.  When you start with 

seed you can read about unique flavors, sizes, textures, stories, cooking

techniques, and colors that are surprisingly fun to plan for.  You may even decide

to save the seeds and share with friends.  We will be carrying open-pollinated

varieties for 2019.  Meaning you can save the seeds yourself.

Start with...

  • Quality seeds

  • Clean Seedling tray with drainage and covering

  • Heat Mat meant for seedling

  • Proper lighting (not incandescent)

General Overview...

Once you have chosen varieties to try, you will need to have a new or clean 

seedling tray filled with organic seed starting mix.  Rinse a tray with organic

vinegar then with water to prohibit mold, which may keep germination from

happening. When all of the vinegar and mold is wiped out, you can then sow

1-3 seeds per section , 6-8  weeks before the last frost, 1/4 inch deep.  If you

are keeping the seedlings,  separate them after they have their first true leaves,

Into larger containers. or into your garden bed if the frost is over.


If you are using lights follow their instructions; If you are using a window for

lighting make sure they get 16 hours of direct light a day then darkness for rest.

The fun of growing food for yourself has already started.

Enjoy your garden!

New Growth
Tomato Plant
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