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Grow Your Own Chicken Garden

  Backyard chicken keepers have become community regulars here in Colorado. It’s important to remember why we originally wanted chickens (eggs from humanely raised chickens, organic eggs minus soy, corn, and gmos) but it’s even more important that we all began loving our pets. Yep, I said it. They aren’t livestock, such a cold term, they are Henrietta and Fiesta, our trusted, feathered, outside pets. It’s even fun to grow sprouts for them. That’s why so many backyard owners have gone to the length of giving them a special garden, full of healthy snacks, just for them.

   So what would be fun to grow for Fiesta, I mean Henrietta is a little picky, but I bet when she learns what it takes to have a garden of her own she’ll try that new green growing over there. Well there is something special that gardeners and farmers have gone to year after year. A truly unique and beautiful salad green known as Fordhook Swiss Chard. It dates back to 1750 or before. And was specifically grown for people and their chickens. If those stalks become too thick for your taste, boil them a bit, cool them totally, and feed them to your chickens. They are a cut and come again variety that belongs in every yard whether you have chickens or not. They are super fun to grow check out the simple growing instructionshere.

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