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Shipping Policy

I would like to thank all of you for visiting our page and supporting small companies like Heirloom Mountain Seedswoman, to keep a sustainable future in mind.  We encourage a sustainable future by offering seeds of diversity, to our customers.  For local Colorado gardeners, you can give back in many ways, one is purchasing locally to reduce carbon emissions, this also aids in getting your order faster, as we are located next to you.  We now ship to Colorado and beyond.  Follow us on Instagram and we will let you know when we ship to your area.

Box Delivery

 We often ship within 24 hours, although 1-3 days is typical during the busiest season.  We ship through USPS to Colorado and other states.  Once a package is given to USPS we no longer control the package but will do our best to help by sending a tracking number to your email.   Sometimes their system doesn't update quickly to show tracking and we realize how frustrating this is; please be patient but do contact us if they take an unreasonable amount of time.

*Free Shipping applies to a single order totaling $30 or more after coupons are applied, during the 2021 season.

More information is at checkout.

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time.

Seed Guarantee

Our germination rates are tested by us and the government's preferred lab. We want you to be successful and will try to offer you help in solving your gardening problems. 







Many factors influence the germination of seed such as temperature, water, outdoor conditions, light, storage and the skill of the grower that are out of the control of Heirloom Mountain. In other words, a grower can cause high-germinating, viable seed to fail. Nevertheless, we unconditionally guarantee all our seed for 365 days from date of purchase that do not germinate. Once germinated, too many factors can cause failure (usually dampening off disease) which is out of our control, no refunds will be offered for seeds which germinate.  No guarantees can be placed on yield, as too many variables can also affect yield of a plant.

Free Seeds

1 Free Seed Pack is given with orders.  Unless we have another free seed promotion going on, then that applies.  For 2020 we give one seed pack per order with any order containing a one seed pack minimum.  Any free seed pack will be our choice and does not show on the cart, but will be sent with the order.

Missing Seeds

If you are missing seeds from your order contact us immediately.  We do not do refunds, or replacements, for missing seeds after 30 days of the order.   We do however monitor the packages and can easily look up if something was missing.  We will send any missing seeds, that show up in our records, to you by mail.

No order can be changed or cancelled once purchased, as we ship too quickly for that.

  • Our seed are GMO-Free and open-pollinated, to the best of our knowledge.

  • Some of our seed is organically grown, but we have not moved forward with certification at this time.  All of our seed -that we grow is grown without pesticides/chemicals.  We never treat our seeds. 

  • We trial varieties for outstanding production rates and the best flavor.

  • Covid has changed things so check the homepage for the best update. Quick customer service is important to Heirloom Mountain Seedswoman. We often ship within 24 hours, although 1-3 days is typical during the busiest season.  Every order is special to us so we pack it like it's the most special one we ever got.  You can trust us for quality.

  • We do germination tests. Our results meet, though often exceed- State Standards.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our seeds or we will replace the unsatisfactory item or refund the purchase price, according to your choice- for 3 months from the date of purchase. Storage practices, by the customer, can vary, bad practices can cause seeds to perform badly.  Our seeds are tested, please keep them dry.

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We are known for

Quick Shipping

Most orders ship within 24 hours!


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