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The Owner is the Farmer

I'm a market gardener, farmer, and seedswoman.  This means I know quality when I see it.  My seeds have to be of the highest quality to provide my farm stand customers, home gardeners, and myself- a good germination rate.  After that, it is up to us all to get the crop we want. 


I want your home garden to look as good as mine, and to taste as good too.   So, this is your chance to get the same seeds a farm stand owner uses, who depends on a good crop for her own business.  That is certainly better than someone who gallivants without getting a single nail dirty in the soil.  Welcome to the farmer's website.



My First Garden visit at 4 years old.

My First Harvest of Pumpkins and Watermelons.

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Well friends, when I think back, my seed company really started with that little girl of 4 years old... picking green beans for the first time, it was hot and sweaty, but it was fun.  I visited the garden as often as could.  I really enjoyed being outside in the magical field filled with rows of food, and neighboring livestock.  I began growing flowers from seed because it was so much cheaper than buying starts; I was conservative with my gardening money.  However, it wasn't long before I realize that growing food was even more fun and useful that flowers, after all, what is a tomato plant but dozens of flowers that turn into flavorful fruit.  The first crops I grew, however, were not tomatoes, but pumpkins, watermelon, sunflowers and corn.  Below is the proud picture I took of my first harvest.  I'm sure all of you do that, especially with phones making it easier, you probably have dozens of proud selfies to share with your friends, and followers of social media.  Being a photography student at the time, I had just a few, then took them off to develop them, in the old fashioned lab at the university.  It was all fun to me.


I understood the importance of food diversity, when I discovered the medicinal benefits of heirlooms that had rich nutritional levels.  I wanted to make sure, things like Early Wonder Beets didn't fall out of fashion, so women with endo could have it, so I began a seed co.  

The Beginning

You may have heard and seen that my company is a little different.  Well, that is on purpose.  I spent a lot of time as a gardener who bought seed from other companies, and making a list of what I disliked about their service or attitude.  I loved growing old varieties, eating the same thing someone 100 years ago had; It made me feel like I was connected to those people.  But I saw that some stories looked hard to believe, and began researching them, sometimes the varieties were indeed heirlooms, but the stories were a bit untruthful.  I wasn't impressed by all of the exaggerations and "historical" fantasies that turned out to be false, a person starts to wonder about someone who tells lies or exagerations.  I decided to sell honest seeds, that turn into flavorful produce, and marketable businesses.  Because that's what seeds are really all about.   

We're Different

Honest Dealings

A good seed isn't the one that a seedsman pretends to discover in an un-named town abroad. (When he really purchased it from a smaller company who already sells it)  It's one that germinates.  It's one that is true to type.  It's one that was tested, and it's one that was sold at an ethical price.  (You won't find 5 seeds, that don't germinate, for $6 with us.)  We sell tested seed that is sold at the best reasonable price, for the high quality seed that it is. 

We Think About Your Success

I first switched from flower gardens to sunflowers to food gardens

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