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Colorado Flea Beetles

Colorado Cabbage Beetles can be a destructive and common problem.  If you think there's no way to deal with it fear not, controlling them organically is very easy.


What can I do to treat flea beetles?

First, you need to understand there are multiple generations per season, so

there will be more than one application.  You'll know if you have flea beetles

by identifying their trade mark destruction on your brassicas and other plants. 

Arugula, radishes and melons are their favorite.  The bullet holes will cover 

the leaves of your plants in under 3 days.  So pick up food grade

Diatomaceous Earth, and start sprinkling, remember not to cover completely.

The DE will begin to protect your plants from multiple insects immediately,

but don't apply when the leaves are wet, and reapply if they get wet.

Enjoy your garden!

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