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New Seeds Added Daily

With autumn comes a big change in my seed catalog. Things are going out, but new varieties are coming in. I love that I have customers who have been with me from the start, when I only had 23 items in my catalog. It takes time to grow a business. It takes a lot of time to grow a farm. This year, I have over 100 items in my catalog. I'm proud of that. I know there are 100 year old companies, but those companies have been sold around and inherited by many. I don't have a negative word to say about them. However, my small farm is being run by the founder. There's a lot of value in that to me. When I choose what varieties will be featured in my catalog, a lot of thought goes into that. I'm not looking at a 1.5% profit increase amongst the radish sector. It's personal. I grow what I can, something unusual, and find quality seeds that hold value to me as a gardener. I grow my own food, from the same stock as you. I look for things with historical significance, great flavor, medicinal and nutritional value, and can handle a variety of climates. I don't ignore the hard-to-sell items, such as green tomatoes. The Green Grape tomato is something I've grown for years, and the flavor is so out of this world, I'm willing to keep telling you about it until you try it. I think, the larger companies have a different philosophy. Things need to sell out at a certain profit margin, to return to their catalog again, but then again, where does biodiversity go in a system like that? There are seed varieties, that everyone from 1900, knew well; Every catalog sold them. They stayed popular for nearly 30 years, but things don't stay the same. Today, no one would know the names of those varieties, if I said them. That's my goal though, to find the old varieties that held such value and reintroduce them.

My new seeds will continue to trickle onto my website during the beginning of November 2022. If there is a variety your family has saved for generations, tell me the story, maybe I'll get it into one of my future catalogs.

Thanks for supporting small farms like mine. The best way you could help our local business grow is telling a friend about us. #heirloommountain

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